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3 places to visit on a rainy day in Rio de Janeiro

3 lugares para conhecer em dia de chuva no Rio de Janeiro



Rio de Janeiro is a tourist city with many attractions for all styles! In addition to beautiful beaches and beautiful natural landscapes, the city also has a very rich tourist potential. If you wish to have fun and it's raining, don't let it bring you down. A rainy day in Rio is great for you to try other ways to have fun and get to know this Marvelous City even more.


The weather in Rio


There is no bad weather to enjoy Rio de Janeiro. The Marvelous City is a year-round destination. The wettest period is between the months of December and January (180 mm), which is little compared to other cities in Brazil. In summer there is a possibility of isolated storms. In other seasons, the weather is nicer for exploring the city, but remember: a rainy day doesn't stop you from having fun!


Places to visit on a rainy day


If you are looking to enjoy the city and discover more than its coastline, we have selected some places that are perfect for walks on a rainy or cloudy day:


  1. Portuary zone


The port region is located in the Central area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. The best way to access it is via the VLT, which leaves from the Santos Dumont airport. The Port Area is connected to Praça XV, through the Boulevard Olímpico (Olympic Boulevard), a very popular area in ​​Rio, where people gather at events, spend the day, take pictures of the beautiful graffitis and watch the sunset. This region also includes the Pier Mauá, where international ships embark, and Praça Mauá, which houses two important museums in Rio.


  1. Museums


Another alternative for those who want to enjoy a rainy day in Rio is to visit the Museum of Tomorrow or the Museum of Art in Rio. Both are located in the Port Area, overlooking the Guanabara Bay and the Rio-Niterói Bridge. The Museum of Tomorrow is very innovative and has futuristic architecture. In it, different subjetcs are addressed, such as: climate change, cultures and habits in the world, the history and future of our planet. The Museum of Art of Rio, or MAR, as it is known, creates a mix of historical and contemporary exhibitions.



  1. Carnaval Experience


Those who want a cultural and historical experience, can participats the Carnaval Experience tour, which is located in Cidade do Samba (Samba City) [1] , the largest art and entertainment complex in the country. Quite close to the Port Zone (around 10 minutes by VLT), Carnaval Experience offers a complete immersion into Rio’s Carnival, through a guided visit to the Acadêmicos da Grande Rio shed. You can wear official carnival costumes, drink caipirinha, listen to the drums and have an unforgettable samba class with the dancers.


Fun in Rio de Janeiro is with Carnaval Experience!


On a sunny or rainy day, you have no excuses to indulge in the best of Rio's tourism! The Carnaval Experience tour, tourism and culture program of Rio’s carnival, has a large, covered space, air-conditioned and protected from rain and heat. You will get to know the backstage of the carnival in the best way possible! Embark on this experience! Reach us out and schedule your tour now!



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