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How does the carnival preparation calendar work?

You know how the Schedule Preparation From Samba Schools for Rio's carnival? The Carnival Experience Explains the step by step of the elaboration and construction of the parades!

Meet Rio Tickets, leader of ticket sales for Sapucaí

Carnival Experience is Ideal To get to know the backstage of the carnival all year, but what is the best way to watch the parade? We present our partner and Leader Of ticket sales, Rio Tickets.

3 must-do activities in Rio de Janeiro!

Beautiful, diverse and rich in culture: this is Rio. Check out the Tips from the Carnival Experience to a unique and immersive tourist itinerary in the city!

Carnival and food? See what to try in Rio!

Everyone knows that Rio de Janeiro is known for carnival,  samba And tourism, but the city is also rich in gastronomy. We made a selection Special of typical food and drinks that can not miss in your script!

3 places to visit on a rainy day in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, also has several incredible tourist itinerary options. Find out how to enjoy a rainy day in Rio!

Samba City: what is it, why was it created and how to get there?

: Not familiar with Cidade do Samba, birthplace of Carnival? Check out this important location for the samba schools of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro!

Get to know the Sambódromo, Rio's samba catwalk

Get to know the Marquês de Sapucaí Sambadrome, the stage for Rio de Janeiro samba school parades and the heart of Carnival. Find out about the Samba Catwalk!


Get to know the backstage of the Carioca Carnival

Behind the glitz and luxury of the samba schools, there are many dedicated professionals and volunteers. Come with us, in this article, to know the backstage of the Carioca Carnival!