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Welcome backstage at Rio Carnival!

During ten years of experience, we have perfected our tour to offer a unique and authentic experience suitable for all ages!

The Carnival Experience tourism program came up with the idea of presenting the universe of the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro, the backstage of the creation of the show, as well as the history of Samba and the Rio Carnival.

The narrative is told by the NGO Pimpolhos da Grande Rio. In partnership with its "mother school", Academicos do Grande Rio, it opens the doors of the playful carnival universe for the general public to be enchanted with the characters of this beautiful cultural manifestation.

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Pimpolhos da Grande Rio is a Samba School and a non-governmental organization (NGO). Its mission is to promote social integration and educate through Carnival.

The Carnival Experience tourism program is part of the socio-economic sustainability pillar of Pimpolhos da Grande Rio and is born from the need to ensure the continuity of socio-cultural projects.

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