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How does the carnival preparation calendar work?

Carnaval Experience Grande Rio desfile sambódromo

Do you know how the schedule of the Samba Schools from Rio de Janeiro works? The Carnaval Experience explains!

The parades take place in February or March at the Sambadrome every year. They're an explosion of emotion, colors, sparkles and joy!

carnaval experience desfile grande rio bastidores carnaval

What many do not know is that the production for the biggest show on Earth lasts all year long inside the warehouse of the associations.

Check out the carnival calendar over the months:


Right after the last parade, the Samba Schools evaluate what worked and what needs to be modified. In addition, the work of disassemble of the allegories and other productions of the last carnival starts. The associations also define what will and what will not be used in the following year. Materials for recycling and sale are separate.

April and May

The plot of the next year is chosen and the process of carnival's planning starts agin. Briefly, the plot presents a story and a theme.


The fantasies and the allegories are drawn.

desenho fantasias bastidores cronograma carnaval experience
July, August and September

The prototypes - test versions -of the fantasies are created. It is also during this period that the floats are built. We can already see the next carnival taking shape! At that moment you can see the secrets and the surprises of the Samba Schools. So, attention: we request you not to take pictures of the allegories.

montagem carro alegórico bastidores carnaval experience

The high season of the Carnival begins: the official samba is chosen and recorded. The rehearsals start and happen on the Samba Schools and on the streets. The members of the community who are going to parade participate in them: it is necessary to know the samba, to have preparation, excitement and a lot of love for the associations!


By this time the reproduction of the fantasies and sculptures, just like the painting of fantasies and allegories begin. 

cronograma bastidores carnaval experience pintura alegoria


The production of the fantasies of highlight start. Those are located at the top of the floats and are very luxurious.

January and February

They are the most intense months: the production and the community rehearsals increase. And then the parade happens!

Finally, after all this effort and dedication, the Samba Schools can breathe a sigh of relief - for a brief moment. The feeling is accomplishment!

carnaval experience desfile grande rio bastidores cronograma

Can you see the complexity of the production for the carnival? Many are involved: presidency, board of directors, drummers, dancers, artisans, builders, couturiers, among others. The list is endless!

And do you know what is better? You can see from close the whole process, all year long, in the Carnaval Experience's tours and experiences inside the Grande Rio warehouse, in the Cidade do Samba. Be part of the carnival's universe with us. Don't miss the chance to live this unique and unforgettable moment!

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