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Carnival and food? See what to try in Rio!

Carnaval e comida? Veja o que experimentar no Rio!

Rio de Janeiro is known for carnivalsamba e tourism, but the city is also rich in gastronomy. Carioca food is culture!

We made a special selection of typical food and drinks that can not miss in your tour.

  • Beach "mate"

The gallon "mate" or beach "mate" is simply a beloved drink of cariocas. On the beaches, the duo with "Globo" biscuit is the key of success. It refreshes and makes you want to eat some more. 

Carnaval Experience blog comidas cariocas mate da praia bebida

  • Street food

In this aspect,  there are no limits. In the streets of Rio de Janeiro you find all types of food, from arabic to regional states of Brazil. Don't let to live this experience!

Carnaval Experience blog comidas cariocas comida de rua hambúrguer

  • Caipirinha

The drink, traditionally, is made of cachaça with lemon. The secret is in the way it's prepared. Nowadays there are many variations of caipirinha, such as caipivodka or the one made with other fruits. 

Carnaval Experience blog comidas cariocas bebida drink caipirinha

  • Feijoada

The dish has its origin in the 19th Century. Feijoada is so important to our culture that represents the first Brazilian dish. 

Basically, it consists of beans and a variety of pork meat. Feijoada is delicious and traditional in Samba Schools and all over Rio!

Carnaval Experience blog gastronomia comida feijoada

Source: G1 tells the story/food

In our tour, you will be able to drink a caipirinha with sugar and lemon in the right measure. We also offer a very tasty feijoada at events. All included in a festive atmosphere!

Carnaval Experience is at Cidade do Samba and is ready to welcome you from Monday to Saturday. Contact us and schedule your event now!

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