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Samba City: what is it, why was it created and how to get there?

Cidade do Samba: o que é, por que foi criada e como chegar?

More than a party for a few days, the production of carioca carnival continues throughout the year. IT IS It is with the work of many people that the great revelry takes place among the samba schools of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro. But do you know where they produce all the floats, costumes and other accessories? On Samba City! Do'nt know? So, read on and find out more about this important place for all carnival lovers!


What is Samba City?


A Samba City is the place where the sheds of the samba schools of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro. Located in Gamboa, it is part of a tourism, art, history, culture and entertainment complex in the Marvelous City. Inaugurated on February 4, 2006, the site has 92,000 square meters, which corresponds to 10 soccer fields.


In addition to 2 sheds dedicated to the Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba (LIESA), there are 12 that are used by associations and each of them has the capacity to assemble up to 12 floats. That is, there are 14 barracks. Each one has four floors and, generally speaking, samba schools produce the floats on the first floor, leaving the upper floors for administrative and creative matters.


Why was Samba City created?


A Samba City came about with the aim of facilitating the work of associations in relation to the floats. That's because it wasn't easy having to transport them from afar to the Sambódromo through downtown Rio amidst the carnival blocks. After all, each one is up to 10 meters high and 12 meters long. Taking into account that there were 10 floats being pushed by the teams of the associations, since they did not have engines, you can imagine the difficulty that the samba schools had before the creation of Samba City, right?


How to get to Samba City?


There are a few ways to get to Samba City, which is located in the Gamboa neighborhood, Port Zone, Rio de Janeiro. Check below what they are.


  • By VLT: There is a VLT (TRAM) station in front of the main entrance to Samba City (Station name: Samba City).


  • By car or on foot using apps like Waze, Google Maps, UBER or Taxi: just put it in the app and ask: Carnaval Experience or Samba City, main entrance.


  • If you need to park: Parking is paid on the street - Rua Rivadavia Corrêa, nº 60 (Note: Parking is not under our control and we are not responsible for its opening hours and/or policy).




Enjoy the best of Carnaval in Samba City with the Carnaval Experience


Now, you know what the Samba City, its creation story, how it is divided and how to get there. All you need to do is check out the best of Carnaval in this incredible location with the Carnaval Experience, carioca carnival tourism and culture program. With the in-person tour, you have an unforgettable and complete experience of how the production of the great revelry works and you can enter the City of Samba. But, if you prefer, there is also a virtual tour, which allows you to get to know the Grande Rio shed and the history of the carnival from a distance. Get in touch to find out more and enjoy!



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