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Get to know the backstage of the Carioca Carnival

Conheça os bastidores do Carnaval Carioca

The expectation for the carioca carnival of 2023 she's tall! The revelers are already counting down to the biggest popular party in Brazil. And you, are you also prepared for the greatest show on earth?!


To kill a little nostalgia for skipping Carnival in Rio, let's dive behind the scenes of this party. Check out!



Backstage at the Rio Carnival samba schools


Anyone who sees a Samba School passing by on the avenue has little idea of the months of work that professionals and volunteers dedicate in favor of the postcard event of Rio de Janeiro. For each community to parade in the Sambódromo, seamstresses, welders, painters, composers and other artists — yes, artists. Not just anyone performs these functions with mastery — they work for hours for at least nine months. Plenty of time, isn't it?!


Throughout this article, we will present a little more behind the scenes of this show organized in the Marvelous City!






“Hello, drums” — the famous phrase said by samba-enredo performers is repeated throughout the year in the school's weekly rehearsals. Are you thinking this is a joke?!


Surdo, rattle, tambourine, cuíca and reco-reco are among the instruments played by the school's percussionists. Speaking of this group, we could not fail to point out that the Special Group batteries must have between 250 and 300 musicians. The Sambódromo “shakes” with this incredible energy!






The carnival designer is responsible for planning the parade, idealizing innovative and luxurious costumes and floats. So, if the school's samba-plot is Ancient Egypt, don't expect less than allegories with mummies, pyramids and pharaohs.





We have to agree that the floats are a spectacle in their own right. Full of lights, feathers and colors, these cars are artistic expressions that tell the story of samba-enredo. As they are very eye-catching, carnavalescos need to be especially careful with the finishing of this item so as not to lose points at Sapucaí.


In addition to the carnival designer, prop makers, painters and welders are involved in the production of a float.






The seamstresses are responsible for making the costumes, some of which are voluntary. This item is essential for the samba school to achieve a good score.


It is worth noting that people outside the community can also parade. Just look for the sector responsible for the wings. IT IS a unique experience!



Carnival in Rio generates income


And we could not fail to mention the importance of carioca carnival for the movement of the economy in the state. It is estimated that, in 2020, around 8,100 jobs were created during Carnival in Rio. Part of this movement took place in the barracks of the samba schools.


Hundreds of people, sometimes entire families, are hired every year to provide services to carnival associations.




Get to know the backstage of the carioca carnival

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