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Premium Samba Show


Premium Samba Show: contains eight passistas, twelve rhythmists, a couple of mestre-sala and porta bandeira, a cavaco and two singers.

The show can be done in hotels, restaurants or other places of your choice.

Duration: 60 minutes.

For this type of show it is necessary that there is a sound system at the venue;

* The amount charged does not include sound system, being a responsibility of the contractor;

* Technical Rider to be sent to the sound provider: 8-channel table +2 wireless microphones + return box;

* The Ride of our show is simple, but what makes the difference is the sound engineering. Thus, it is important to understand that percussion instruments, even acoustic without being microphonic, have a very high volume. So, the boxes need to be well equalized, so as not to drop the PA, generate microphony or problems that hinder the performance of the show.

After payment, we will contact you for date and time stamping.

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